Friday, 26 December 2014

What I Got For Christmas

For Christmas this year, we knew most of the presents we were getting from one another in my family. It wasn't as 'exciting', but we all received things we really wanted this way. I decided to choose things I wouldn't normally buy myself. For example, I couldn't justify buying the Topshop Dressing Gown (so soft!), Lush's Ro's Argan Body Conditioner (love, but expensive) or Lindt Lindor Maxi Ball for myself, so asked my parents for them. They also bought me Lush's Montalbano and Braziliant Shampoo Bars, Accessorize Koala Slippers, and a tin of sweets (mostly for the tin to store my baking bits in!).

From my sister, I received the Clintons Heart Print Diary (great quality pages), Paperchase List Book and Pen (love the print), battenberg shaped tin with recipe notes (we used to eat these on the way home from school - makes me feel sick just thinking about it now!), Next Apricot Blossom LED Candles, Next Apricot Blossom Reed Diffuser (had the smaller one previously and loved it), a pretty Next glass for milkshakes, and some sweet treats.

I just wanted to show you the things I chose, instead of everything I received. I had to include the Debenhams Fox Slippers my friend got me, though, because they're so cute!

I hope you had a good Christmas!

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