Saturday, 10 January 2015

Reading | Kindle Paperwhite

I've never been against eReaders, because reading is reading, but I've just never felt the need for one myself. My dad has the original Kindle, and my sister the Fire HDX, so I'd borrow theirs. I also like going charity shopping for books, even receiving Amazon orders and opening that satisfying packaging. Still, I was running out of room and wanted my own collection of eBooks on my own device, so I bought the Kindle Paperwhite (from Boots because they've just started selling them and I had points vouchers!). 

I was going to get the Fire HDX because the graphics are obviously better, but I'd only use it for reading, so it made sense to go for the Kindle designed for just that. The Paperwhite isn't back-lit like tablets, so doesn't tire your eyes, it doesn't glare in the light, and it has a significantly longer battery life.

Yes, you do have to pay for the device and then the books on top of that, and there's no excitement in the buying of them, but there's so many more pros. It holds over 1000 books, saving space, it's a lot more comfortable to hold, you don't even have to hold it to be able to read (handy when you're eating on your lunch break), you never lose your place, and you're able to look up words with the built in dictionary. There's also plenty of free/cheap books available, which you're able to download and read within seconds.

There's this divide between paper and digital reading, but they're both reading at the end of the day, so I don't see a problem. I'll still continue to go to charity shops and buy my favourites in hard copy, but I'll just be reading more on the Kindle.

My case is from a brand called Punchcase, and was bought in Tesco for a few pounds during one of their sales. This was a couple of years ago, though, for my sister's old device. It's available on Amazon here, but they want £25.99 for it.

I've only got four books on my Kindle at the moment, so would love to add more with your recommendations. I also have a Goodreads profile here, where I'd love to add more friends.

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