Sunday, 18 January 2015

Yankee Candle Haul

I've wanted a wax burner/warmer for years, but am not allowed naked flames in the house. I looked at electric ones a couple years ago, but there weren't many options and they were much more expensive than tealight ones. Then, last week, Hannah reminded me of them and I went on an online hunt. The selection still isn't great, and they're still not the cheapest, but my parents offered to buy me one for my birthday (I'm going to be 22 on the 20th). I bought the one above from here, and then set about buying some wax tarts to go with it. 

I know I went a little overboard, but I just got excited about finally being able to buy them! I bought 10 from this listing for £11.95, and another 10 from Yankee Direct (another recommendation from Hannah). The ones from Yankee Direct were 'buy 10 pay for 8', and delivery was £1.95 (£2.95 if you spend £10-£24.99 and £3.95 if you spend over £25).

They're already scenting my room, and I haven't even opened them yet! Salted Caramel is particularly strong, and one I can't see my parents appreciating, so I'm going to break it into smaller pieces.

I also wanted to try some wax melts from smaller brands to see how they compare, so look out for another haul.

Are you a fan of wax tarts? What's your favourite brand, scent, and place to buy them?

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