Friday, 12 March 2010

Garnier Nutrisse 4.6 Deep Red

I dyed my hair yesterday ^^ I was going to go back to my natural colour which is Auburn but couldn't find the colour so opted for Garnier Nutrisse 4.6 Deep Red. This was £3.99 but normally is £4.99. I can not show you the box because I threw it away and the images online are different to the new model on the box.
So application was fine and it smelt better than usual :)
Here are the results:
Its quite dark but in a few days it should lighten up. Take note that the colour below is when the light hits it.

^ It doesn't look that bright but I wanted to show you how vibrant it is with a lot of light.

My hair before was a dark brown. The colour will vary depending on your current hair colour, application and the amount of time left on.

Overall I like the colour but next time I SHALL find the correct shade of Auburn.

Have a good day :)


  1. Gorgeous colour - your hair looks so shiney! x

  2. how long did u keep it on for? Your hair looks gorgeous !!!!...: D..

  3. wee_shannon_06: Yeah it is, but it's not a very vibrant red (Might be on lighter hair though) x

  4. Ah, im a dark brown and I just got this colour. I want it to be a noticeable red.

  5. wee_shannon_06: I think to get a bright red you may have to bleach your hair first. Schwarzkopf live color xxl may be a better colour but it still won't be a bright red on brunette hair x

  6. It has to be appropiate for school, cuz my school is gay like -.- . You did mention it goes brighter tho. Is it like a brown with a hint of red. And is the red noticeable?

  7. wee_shannon_06: Ahh I see, yeah it's quite a deep red that it can look brown and is appropriate for school. In the sun, you can definitely see the red tones, like in the last photo. Go for it :) If you don't like it you can always change it :) x

  8. :) ah thanks :). i'll go for it. I have put one bottle on my hair, but it wasnt enough, and its only got some part of my hair. So, im going to the hairdressers to get it done properly. :)xx


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