Sunday, 7 March 2010

Simple, VIP and Purchase

'Simple' the skincare range have a website (Like most companies these days) and I would just like to inform you about it if you haven't already checked it out. The website gives you all the information you need to know on their products, loads of tips on how to make your skin the best it can be and you can take a skin health check where they give you in-depth advice tailored for you and your life style. It says it is £8.99 or free with a promotional code. All I done was typed into google 'Promotional code for Simple skin health check' and used the first one that popped up - You can use any code you see, it doesn't really matter. I don't think anyone actually pays for it.
You can also become a VIP member which is worth doing because you get to try products before anyone else, have your say about the brand and product range, win prizes and get monthly discounts of 50% off product packs!

A few weeks ago I ordered the 'Simply Kissable' product pack for my mum for Mother's day. This includes Vital Vitamin Day Cream 50ml, Kind To Eyes Soothing Balm and Kind To Lips Intensive Moisturiser. If you buy these products separately it would cost £12. The online pack is £10 and because I am a VIP and got discount of 50%, I only had to pay £5, saving of £7 :)

You can also earn points by taking surveys each month, commenting on their blog posts etc... and when you reach 1000 points they will give you £10 off a product pack.
It is definitely worth signing up!

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