Monday, 22 March 2010

Ins and Outs

I haven't been blogging much recently and thats because I haven't had any money which results in no hauls and no reviews. I just have nothing to blog about! Also, the last 5 or so of my posts have had 1 comment at most (Thank you if you're one of those people!) so I feel no one is reading my blog.
I'm doing a big summer shop in Primark on Friday so should have a nice haul for you guys and I've finished school early today so will try and think of a few posts to do :)

  • Biology lessons - I've been concentrating, understanding and answering! Plus I've gone up a grade which has boosted my confidence.
  • Skin - This changes every week but this week happens to be a good one.
  • Friends - I feel as though I have some true close friends who care about me.
  • Coursework - English and Media coursework finally finished! Although I must admit, I quite enjoy coursework, it just drags on for months!

  • Rain - It was sunny for weeks and then bam! The last week it has poured down everyday.
  • Wedding outfit - I'm not sure whether to wear a dress, tulip skirt and top or a fancy top, skinny jeans and heels to polish it off. I've looked out for all three options of outfits and can not find a thing!


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  1. I know what you mean about biology! I found gcse biology really hard at first but now im finding it easy peasy!
    Don't worry, I certainly read your blog and it was the reason why I started my own :)! But I do know what you mean about the comments, I feel sometimes that my blog is rubbish and that's the reason why!
    New look have some great dresses at the mo! Perfect for something like a wedding


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