Saturday, 6 August 2011

Good Things Dream Cream Night Cream

Price: £8.99

Isn't the packaging beautiful? It's simple yet feminine. Although the Good Things range is primarily aimed at young skin, the packaging isn't tacky or childish, so also appeals to older women (well, my mum likes it anyway!).  The pot/tub is rounded at the bottom, which adds to the feminine touch.
The scent is not your standard sickly-sweet, citrusy scent (although I must admit, I do like a bit of that!), which is a Good Thing for this product (I couldn't help it!). I don't associate citrusy scents with moisturising night creams, so the subtle, understated fruity scent of fig and avocado suits the product well.
It does what a night cream should, and leaves my skin very moisturised and soft, without feeling greasy. Saying that, I've never come across a moisturiser that doesn't moisturise.


PR sample.


  1. thanks for the review! i agree with the lovely packaging :) im actually looking for a good moisturiser with spf, do you recommend any?


  2. You're right, the packaging is so cute! :) xx

  3. Oooh this looks great. I currently use boots No7 essential moisture range. Theres soooo many great products out there!

    Would love you to follow my new blog :)

    Nats. xx

  4. This sounds really good, it does look great too! x


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