Sunday, 7 August 2011

Someday Summary - Sunday

This post has more photos than usual as I don't really have much say (for once!).

I read The Lovely Bones this week and can see why it's popular. It's a great read and had me in tears a few times! Not only do you feel for Susie, but for her friends and family too. More so in fact.

I popped into town yesterday and picked up another pair of Primark pumps (£3). I also went into Acccessorize and bought the parakeet pendant that I've wanted for a while. It was down to £2.70 and was the last one! Result. My sister thought it opened up like a locket so was trying to open it and then broke off the branch the parrot was sat on! It doesn't look too bad, but I've emailed Accessorize asking if they have a spare that I could buy.

hehe Shadow. Look at her cheek drooping! Oh and, please excuse the hideous carpet!

There was a code going around for Jessops, which supposedly entitled you to a free canvas. This code was in fact only meant to be used if the customers were buying a camera, but Jessops made a booboo. Jessops then cancelled all orders containing a canvas. A couple of my orders didn't get cancelled because I didn't order a canvas. I found out that the code worked on anything on the website. Above is Mr. Moose with Shadow on his t-shirt. I also have another order coming, which includes a teddy, snow globe, photo clip and glass photo, all for free!

My shelves aren't 100% finished yet (would like to paint them another colour) but here they are with my nail polishes on :)



  1. ahh i love those pump!
    love your nail varnish collection!
    Krissy xoxo

  2. I love the nail storage, looks great and I bet it saves loads of room. I really need to read The Lovely Bones, I watched the film reecently and loved it! x

  3. Love your nail polish storage, it looks really neat, what a great idea xx

  4. Wow, getting all that for free...lucky! Loving your organised shelves, I should probably do something about my pile of makeup.....X

  5. Impressive nail polish collection xoxo

  6. I love how you store your nail poloshes that is realy good idea

  7. That is amazing nail storage!! xox

  8. Wow I love your shelves, your polishes look so pretty :) I need to rethink my storage as my collection seems to have accidentally outgrown my shoeboxes... also, Shadow is so cute :) xx

  9. wow, so many choices, this must be every girls haven!
    much admiration;


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