Monday, 8 August 2011

Nails Of The Week - OPI Elephantastic Pink and Comparisons

I love shades like this; warm pinks. This polish has a jelly formula, so is quite sheer. Above, I have on 4 coats!
There are quite a few dupes for this, which are not sheer:

Barry M Pink Flamingo, OPI Elephantastic Pink, 17 Pink Grapefruit and ASOS Paint in Blake.

 Barry M Pink Flamingo is the closet in shade to Elephantastic Pink. It's opaque in 1-2 coats and is only £2.99, so I would definitely recommend it over the OPI polish. The 17 and ASOS shades are slightly darker, but still in the same colour family.



  1. I love this color.
    Is the aplication of Barry M nailpolish as smooth as OPI nail polish

  2. Wow great dupes! And I cannot get over how cute the asos paint packaging is! Will have to get my hands on someee....


  3. BeautySparkless: Yeah, Barry M's quality is similar to OPI's. Barry M polishes can get a little thicker after time though. I'm not sure if OPI polishes do this as I haven't had mine long enough to see x

  4. I love this opi polish! but all the others are such good dupes!
    Lucy x

  5. I love the Barry M one, and love the fact that it's a bargain too.

  6. I love the OPI polish. It looks like such a gorgeous candy pink which is right up my street. Shame that the formula is quite sheer because I don't usually like applying lots of coats xoxo

  7. I have the ASOS one. I love these shades :)

    Take care
    Nats. xx

  8. Really love all the pink colours! I have the barry m one and love it, the asos one looks lovely, cute bottle! X

  9. Love this shade, so pretty.

    Sadie xx


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