Saturday, 10 September 2011


Good evening! I have some goodies to show you :) I'm building up my little wardrobe, so I should have a few shops coming up in the next couple of months. I still have to get dresses, tops, cardigans, hoodies, heels and more!
Sorry that the photos aren't of great quality. My camera is rubbish for taking distant photos, especially of clothes. Also, I couldn't find anywhere to photograph, so used my bed which is currently sporting my childhood bedding!

Parka coat £25.
The photo isn't doing it justice, which is a shame. I needed a light jacket/coat because I don't want to be carrying around my heavy Winter coat all the time!

Original Source shower gels £1 each.
Original Source shower gels are my favourite. I only buy them when they're on offer though (which is a lot of the time). I've been waiting for somewhere to put them on offer for ages, so when I saw them in ASDA, I picked up 4!

Navy knitted cardigan/throw over with pockets £12.
This photo is terrible *sigh*. I was a little apprehensive about buying it because I tend to buy things for practical reasons, and as you can see, the sleeves aren't long enough to cover my arms and keep me warm. I decided to get it though because I will wear it a lot. It's bat winged, which is very flattering.

Pajama bottoms £5 each.
I love love love Primark pajamas! They offer a range of designs and the quality is good. I'm going to pick up a few more of these in different colours and patterns.

Hair ties £1 each.
I stocked up on my usual hair ties!

New Look:
Skinny jeans £19.99 each.
Again, the photo does not do them justice. I love New Look jeans. I don't like my jeans to be one colour all over, but a little faded in the middle (like above).

I walked past the Wide Fit shoes section and saw some suede court heels. On the shelf, they looked 'meh', but on, they looked gorgeous. I tried on a 7 and to my surprise, they were too big. The 6s fit perfectly. With heels, it's better for them to be tight than loose, because if they're loose, you can't walk in them! Anyway, I didn't know whether to get the black or teal pair, but decided that the black would go with more and if I liked them, I could then get the teal pair. They didn't have any black size 6s left though, so I'm going to order them online. Don't be put off by the words 'Wide Fit'. These were not wide fit at all!



  1. Love the parka. I've been thinking of getting a new parka too as its still a bit hot to wear a winter coat. Nice little haul xxx

  2. I love that cardi, it looks so warm and snuggly! x

  3. i love the Original Source shower gels!
    they smell so divine! have you tried the vanilla and strawberry one? i think thats what's it called, but it's something along the lines of that. smells just like candy haha!
    love the parka!
    Krissy xoxo

  4. Krissy~: The scents are delicious! Yeah it's the last one in the photo :) Vanilla Milk and Raspberry!

  5. Lovely purchases (: I need to check out Primark for some knitted cardigans! xox

  6. Love primark pjs too, spesh the bottoms, i always get them 4 sizes too big :P

  7. THe original source shower gel in golden pineapple smells actually the best thing ever! I look like a loony sniffing it for 5 mins as I put it in my basket :D

  8. The cardigan looks nice and cosy, perfect for the weather! xoxo

  9. i love that parka. i'm sort of obsessed with parkas, they're just perfect jackets and go with everything :) great haul!


  10. I love those shower gels as well :)

  11. I'm looking for good everyday skinny jeans at the moment. New look seem to have a few nice pairs. I'll make sure I have a look when I go shopping next :)


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