Saturday, 24 September 2011

WHSmith bargains

I popped into WHSmith with the intention of purchasing a laptop case, memory stick and Filofax. While in there, I came across a beautiful range called 'India' and the prices of some of the products were amazing!
At least I came out with a laptop case, eh?
(I'm not sure how these photos are coming across, in terms of colour. I'm on a new computer so the screen brightness etc is different).

Photo frame £2.49, laptop case £2.99, A4 notebooks £2.49 each (all on sale).

What was weird was the fact that the A7 notebooks were £6.99 on sale and the A4 notebooks were £2.49!
The laptop case is absolutely beautiful. However, the fabric is delicate and I can see it fraying in the future. For £2.99 though, I'm not too bothered!

I also bought some other bits and bobs whilst shopping today, but they're not that exciting!
Tomorrow, I should have my September Favourites post up and next weekend I'll be posting a university post and a Lil Lets review.



  1. I only ever pop into WHSmiths for sale stuff, normally I think they are really expensive for what your getting compared to paperchase. What you've got though is really pretty, love all the detailing x

  2. Wow, they're such pretty colours! I love WHSmith sales :) my diary is a rather boring black one, I may have to pop in and have a look! xxx

  3. these are gorgeous! going to think about looking in there next time i go! :) x


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