Wednesday, 14 September 2011

September's GlossyBox

If you are not sure what the concept of GlossyBox is, click here to read my previous review on the brand.
I was sent this box a few days ago, so I could familiarise myself with the products and write a review in time for you.

I've included this photo so people don't see the contents of this months box on their dashboards, which would ruin the surprise.

The HD Brows Eye&Brow Palette in Vamp (£19.95) was the first product I saw and recognised. It's definitely the stand out product of this months box and takes September's GlossyBox from not so good, to great. Inside the compact is a pointless applicator, but it also comes with a bigger brush, which is great. The powders (which can also be used as eyeshadows and eyeliners) are very pigmented and last all day. The shades are slightly too dark compared to my normal brow powder, but with a light hand, I can use both of the bottom shades. I'm not sure how well this palette will work with blondes though, but it can cater for the majority of brunettes and dark haired ladies.

As I said, I'm not blown away by the rest of the products. The Green People Day Solution 10ml (£3.60 for a 10ml sample tube) is light and absorbs into the skin well. It has a strong scent though, which is a little off putting. To me, it smells of Turkish delight. I like the scent of Turkish delight, but not this strong!
The Móa The Green Balm (£9.99 for 50ml, £4.99 for 20ml) sample is very small, but I do like the product. Móa says: 'Móa is a natural skin care balm with miraculous healing powers to soothe, nourish and renew dry, itchy skin conditions, bumps, bites, grazes and minor burns. Moa even works wonders after shaving and as a facial cleansing balm.' Don't you love multi-purpose products? Because it's a balm, the small sample should last a while if you are only going to put it on the likes and bites and small burns. It also has a minty scent, which I like.
Plum by Mary Greenwell 1.5ml (£90 for 100ml) is fruity, but not overly sweet. The top notes include peach, blackcurrent, plum, bergamot and lemon- yum! The scent is very strong though.
The Rahua Shampoo 20ml and Conditioner 16ml (£26 and £27.50 for 275ml) are OK. They do their job, but so does the 30p Tesco shampoo my mum uses. I am not a fan of the scent at all. Personally, I think it smells of musky garden.
As you can see from the above, scents play a huge factor in whether I like a product or not!
Overall, I like this months box. But that's only because of the HD Brow Palette. I've seen that other boxes included a full sized hair treatment as well. If I was a customer, I would be a little miffed if I received a sample and others received a full sized product. I know they can't please everyone, but it would be nice if everyone received the same amount of full sized and sample products.
Will I be subscribing? I would like to. I'll have to work out my finances and see if I can afford to spend £12.95 a month. However, if other boxes are like this one (where I receive a sample and others receive full sized products) I'll be unsubscribing straight away, because I don't think it's fair.



  1. oooh, I can't wait till mine comes! The HD brow box looks awesome ! xx

  2. I unsubscribed late last month, kinda glad I did to, the hd brow box looks really good but I wouldn't have been too happy with everything else :)
    & the scent of a product plays a huge part in how I think of a product too!! x

  3. The HD brows looks great, but the rest just looks shoddy :/
    I don't think I'll be getting glossy box just yet sadly.
    Lucy x

  4. I keep pondering on whether to start a subscribtion again but i just dont know how many of these products i would actually use x

  5. You got a big angles brush with your HD brow palette?! I never got one :-x I really do like the product itself though! I got completely different products to yours! The only similar thing is the brow palette and the perfume which I believe everyone else got as well!


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