Thursday, 9 June 2011


May 2011 contents

I could have written this post a few weeks ago but didn't want to add yet another GlossyBox review to your dashboards! I've also been busy with my A Level exams (boo!).
If you do not already know, GlossyBox offers their customers the chance to try luxury products, without the price tag that comes with them. You pay £10 a month and each month you receive a box of 'high-end luxury product miniatures'.
The box you receive each month is beautifully packaged and feels like you're opening a present. I think the packaging is so nice because GlossyBox probably get most of the products for free, so they can afford to 'splurge' on the details. It's great advertising for the companies/brands so they're bound to offer GlossyBox a load of samples. I'm not complaining though! Everyone benefits :)
I love the concept. Personally, I cannot afford 'high-end' skincare and cosmetics but with this, I get the chance to try them out. However, if I end up loving a product, I'm unlikely to be able to purchase it because of the price tag. 
I was sent this box to review, so the question is, will I be signing up? No. At the moment, I cannot afford to spend £10 a month on basically, samples. But if you have the money, I think it is a great little treat to receive each month.
I'm not sure how great future boxes will be. I think the full sized NARS product in May's box was included to interest people, but you never know, this month's box may be just as good!


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  1. Good Luck with your exams!" I'd love to get a Glossybox but like you say there abit expensive for samples :)


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