Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Exams are nearly over...

This post will be a ramble about my future, feelings and whatever else comes to mind. You've had your warning!

I've just had my Psychology exam and completely messed it up. People say "you've probably done better than you think" but I know I've failed. There's no way I could have passed. I've took four exams so far and have my last one on Friday. I don't feel confident about any of them and I'm definitely not going to do well in the exam Friday. I've ruined my chances of getting into Uni this year so I'm planning on getting a job, retaking my exams in January and applying for University next year. For all I care, the job can be scooping up doggy doos. As long as it keeps me occupied and I get paid for doing it. I've decided not to retake year 13 because I cannot be bothered to redo the whole year. I'm fine in lessons anyway, I just need to keep revising my notes and practise answering questions.

Anyyyway, onto a happier note; my exams are nearly finished and I'm going to have a good few months before I plan my next step. I'm going to make a list of things to do during the Summer. In previous years, I've wasted my Summers doing nothing so want to make the most of this year. The list will only comprise of small things, but as long as I do something each day, I won't get bored. For example, I'll aim to bake cookies and draw on one day. I'm also going to try and walk the dogs, read and write a few blog posts (of course) everyday. I also want to volunteer at my local RSPCA charity shop. It's one of my favourite charities and it will boost my confidence.

Oh, and I have STILL not received my Sleek prizes. It's been nearly three weeks. Tut tut.



  1. That exam was horrible wasn't it? It was my retake and I wanted to cry when I saw that last 12 marker D:
    You should definately try volunteering, I do and I love it. Really helped with my confidence and helped give me work experience too. I think I'm going to try and volunteer more in the summer so I'm not stuck in my house doing nothing!
    Good luck with your last exam :) x

  2. I although think I failed exams and didn't do as well as I wanted to.. But you'll never no for sure until the results come out - I wouldn't rule out University for definitely this year, as you never know!.. You might still get in!!.
    Good luck for the exam on Friday too!..


  3. Definitely don't rule out uni completely as if a lot of people found the exam hard the grade boundaries will be lower so you still have a chance even if you went wrong :) I've been lucky in that I haven't had a lot of exams to revise for but I still haven't revised as much as I needed to and my last exam on Thursday is definitely going to be the hardest. I really hope I get into uni as I wouldn't know what direction to take if I didn't!

  4. I hope you'll feel better about the exams soon, I'm sure you have done better than you think! xx

  5. I love your new banner! Hope your last exam went okay. I completely cocked up on of my Chemistry exams, it's an awful feeling. At least you're staying positive though :) xx

  6. I remember my English GCSE's, I left the exam in about 20mins as I was sick (not a clue why!?) and was convinced that would be it, but I managed to pass overall with a B. Don't assume 100% you've failed :)

    And,if you have, it'snot the end of the world. There is always clearing, I've had quite a few friends go through that and it's been great for them. Or, try next year. If you really want it, then you go out and get it :)

    As for volunteering, I cannot recommend it highly enough. Shop work is good but maybe see if a local animal rescue centre wants help, you get to work with people and animals then :) I worked for a local owl and bird of prey rescue charity for just under a year, it was incredible, got to work with the birds but also did great for my confidence with people (I did a lot of fundraising!)

    Don't be too harsh on yourself, it will get you nowhere and just wastes time :)

    Rebecca xx


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