Monday, 27 June 2011

June Favourites!

I haven't done one of these posts in a while! I rarely change my routine so don't see the need in showing you the same products every month. I don't think the products below have been featured in a monthly favourites though, so it's all good!

Sleek Rose Gold Blush and Bloom Shadow Liner in Soft Taupe

ELF Eyelash Curlers - £1.50
Recently, my eyelashes have lost their curl so these have been part of my morning routine. If you're looking for a pair of eyelash curlers, I'd definitely recommend these.

Carex Grapefruit & Lime Hand Gel - £1 something
This smells so refreshing and makes a necessity that little bit more interesting.

Sleek Rose Gold Blush - £4.30
I didn't expect to like this as much as I do. In the pan and swatched, it's nice, but doesn't blow me away. On the cheeks however, it gives a beautiful glow. It also lasts all day.

Boots Extracts Mango and Brazil Nut Body Butters (post here) - £2.55 for 50ml
These smell ah-maz-ing! The mango one smells like, well, mango! and the brazil nut one smells sweet, like fudge. They are also very moisturising. I would definitely recommend these over The Body Shop ones.

Bloom Shadow Liner in Soft Taupe - $25
I've been wearing this literally everyday for months! I don't like wearing black eyeliner anymore because it can look too harsh. This colour is perfect at defining your eyes and looking natural at the same time. However, this brand is hard to get hold of in the UK and is fairly expensive.

Bourjois Volume Fast & Perfect Mascara - £11.99
 The rotating wand works surprisingly well! However, it works just as well without the wand rotating. This gives your lashes volume and length. A review of this will be up soon :)



  1. Oh I really want that Sleek blush it looks gorgeous. Looking forward to your review on the mascara :-) x

  2. That Sleek blusher looks like such a pretty colour! The shadow liner is a colour I know I'd use everyday too!


  3. The Sleek blush looks really pretty, I have a really similar one from 17 called 'First Kiss', its a lovely pink with a slight gold shimmer :) x

  4. Nicki: Yeah I also have First Kiss, it's beautiful :) x

  5. I love Sleek blushers, so long lasting and the Boots body butters are great - so much cheaper than TBS version too. x

  6. The sleek blush is a gorgeous colour :) X

  7. Im using ELF lash curles as well at the moment:) Im happy with results:)

  8. Oooh, I never thought of ELF for eyelash curlers! Will have to get some now! x

  9. I'm sure you can get Bloom in my local Superdrug :/ I dunno if they do the exact same products, but worth a look x

  10. wow Elf lash curler?? i need to check it out!


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