Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Someday Summary - Tuesday

Since I finished my exams Friday, I haven't done a great deal!

  • I'm making sure I do something each day so I don't get bored. So far, I've tidied my room, washed my make up brushes, walked the dogs multiple times and bathed them.
  •  I had a load of Sleek brushes, which I won last year, and yesterday I shoved them under my bed. The quality of them is not up to scratch. I can't believe Sleek want 80 odd pounds for the set! I'm now left with my trusty ELF Studio brushes :)
  • I'm becoming more confident with how I look. I still don't think I'm pretty (don't think I ever will!) but I'm not repulsed when I look in the mirror. I think it's because I haven't been at school for a few weeks so I haven't been comparing myself to other people.

  • I went to the shops today and bought some childhood favourites! They're no longer 1p though - they're 2p!

  • These are delicious! 10 for £1.99 at Lidl!

  • I live in Plymouth, Devon, right next to the Tamar River, which is in-between Devon and Cornwall. I took the dogs for a walk today and brought my camera along. The photos aren't very good because it was so sunny and the dogs would not stay still!
Looking over to Saltash, Cornwall.

Tug of war!

Jessie :)



  1. Love the photos :) & I absolutely love Fruit Salad sweets! xx

  2. Awww your dogs look like our family dog Lucy (rip) !! Penny sweets are a rip off now days!! xx

  3. aw the photo's of the doggies are so cute! and louiseee, you're gorgeous you shouldn't be putting yourself down so much sweet.

    ps. i'm jealous of your fruit salad/black jack stash!


  4. Lovely photographs - your dogs look like they are having a fab time in the sun

  5. Cute doggies :] I'm glad you're liking yourself more :D xx

  6. I'm really craving Fruit Salads now!!! Jessie is cute! x

  7. everyone thinks their ugly. I have started to see that now I have a blog, I used to think "I wish I had everyone elses self confidence" but actually barely anyone thinks they look good. So yeah im waffling but the point im trying to make is, I am sure you are pretty and that its all in your head.


  8. Very jealous of the view, looks like you live in a lovely place :) I love your dogs, they look so cute! xx


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