Sunday, 12 June 2011


Good evening beautiful people!

My reason for why I haven't been blogging much recently is above. Look up... yeah there.

Exams... I've never been so stressed! In the past, I knew I could retake so wasn't nervous about failing, but this time I do not have that opportunity. Well... I do, but it then means I won't be going to University this/next year. I've taken two exams and have three to go. I cannot say how I've done because you really do not know until results day. 
Let me tell you, Media is the hardest subject to find motivation for. I've been meaning to do hardcore revision for it for the last two days but I've only managed a few hours, at most.

I realised this week that I only need CCD to get into Marjons, which has eased my stress levels... slightly. I say only but I think I'll be lucky to get that! At the beginning of sixth form, I thought 'Three C's will be easy to get'. Ooh how I was wrong. You really do need to put the effort in. I didn't and now I'm paying for it. Quite literally actually, because I had to pay to resit my exams. Seriously though, I don't care what grades I get, as long as I get into Uni.

My blog's 2nd birthday is in August! Times flies eh? If I get into Uni, I'll be holding a few giveaways to celebrate both. Cross your fingers for me! Or even better, if you know anyone who marks exam papers, give them my name along with a present of some sort ;)

I have so many posts coming up! You can see what ones by clicking 'Upcoming posts' at the top of the page. I have a number of Sleek products to post about. I won Sleek's Facebook competition so am receiving a load of products from that. I also bought a few blushes in a blog sale and I ordered a few things from their website. I'm going to have so much fun swatching!

My China Glaze and OPI collection. Oooh purdy.
Left to right: China Glaze For Audrey, OPI No Room For The Blues, Lucky Lucky Lavender, Shorts Story, Elephantastic Pink.

I won Hannah's giveaway and was allowed to choose two OPI polishes, so I chose No Room For The Blues and Lucky Lucky Lavender. Thank you again Hannah!
The basket I store my polishes in is overflowing, so I'm looking for some new storage. I don't want them in boxes because I like seeing them on display. I also don't want to spend over £15.
That reminds me, how gorgeous are the new Bourjois polishes? The bright/neon shades are right up my street. I was going to buy a few China Glaze polishes but think I'm going to buy the Bourjois ones instead. They're currently 3 for 2, so they'll work out cheaper.

I bought this diary at the beginning of the year. At £8.50, I think it's quite expensive. Do I use it? Nope. I'm used to my planner layout of a week per two pages and this diary uses a day per page layout. It's a shame because the diary is absolutely gorgeous.



  1. Good luck with you're exams, I like to store my nail polishes in a cake stand as I really like my polishes on display too.

  2. Good luck with the exams, lovely nail varnishes. I've seen people store them in like spice rack type things, maybe you could look into something like that xx

  3. Im so glad you like your OPI's :o) let us know if you find nice storage, im looking for some too!
    Best of luck with your exams hun, I am sure you will be just fine <3

  4. Goodluck in the exams :) and with regards to storing nail polish, try looking in DIY stores for wood you can use as cheap shelving, maybe? I'm no expert; all my polishes live on top of my bedroom unit thingy xx

  5. Good luck with your exams.
    Love the new header btw xx

  6. Good luck with your exams, I'm sure you'll be fine. I would say try not stress - but that's harder said than done.
    That's diary is lovely - i always feel like i need to buy diaries, but then i hardly use them! :S. I really should though :/
    Hope the rest of your exams go well - and im sure you'll manage to get into Uni.


  7. elephantastic pink is such a gorgeous colour, jealous! and i have exams too ): good luck in yours (:

  8. where did you get that diary from? thats something my sister would love!

  9. Thank you for the good luck messages everyone! :)

    Harpreet: WHSmith :) x

  10. Good luck with your exams, I'm sure you'll do great..looking forward to your upcoming posts too :) xxx

  11. where did u buy the diary from? good luck in your exams!!!! x

  12. I am in loveee with those nail colors! I love them together...I would put each on each nail!


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