Tuesday, 1 May 2012

New Look purchases!

The other day, New Look's sale went live. I didn't bother looking until the evening, so was surprised to see that the items I wanted had my sizes in stock! That rarely happens! Size eights and tens usually go first, leaving all the larger sizes. Not only did I get everything I wanted, it all fits! Woop.

Kelly Brook Lace Edge Pleated Bra £6 down from £14.99 and Lemon Two Tone Lace Balconette Bra £4 down from £11.99.

I love these bras! The Kelly Brook one is one of the prettiest bras I've ever owned. Kelly Brook, you beaut.

Multicoloured Tribal Print Scarf £4 down from £7.99.

This will look great over a plain white top :)

Formal Denim Shorts £5 down from £14.99.

I've been looking at buying these for about a year, and was very nearly going to order them a few weeks back. I'm glad I waited now! They fit perfectly.

Zip Pocket Cigarette Jeans £9 down from £22.99.

Along with the bras, these are my favourite item I ordered from the sale. I initially had a pair of size eights in my basket, but then the website froze. Once it was back up and working again, the size eights were out of stock! I wanted the jeans so much that I took a risk and ordered the tens. They fit like a well fitting glove! I'm so happy. They look really short when off, but the leg length is fine when you wear them. The material is soft and not like any of my other jeans.

Coral Panelled Gold Edge Purse £9.99.

I ordered this and the next item before the sale, but thought I may as well include them in this post. This purse is a lot bigger than my previous one, but I like it. I've just been on their website and found a blue one that I'm tempted to buy.

Striped Sweatshirt £12.99.

Annoyingly, this went in the sale after I bought it for full price! I really like and will be wearing it a lot.

I would say that 60% of my wardrobe consists of New Look clothes now!


  1. lovely haul! The pink top looks so cute along with the pants. The bras look lovely!!

  2. Great buys! New Look is one of my favourite shops. I was looking through their sale & found this flower, stripey mesh type t-shirt, I was going to buy it a few weeks ago when it was full price. So glad I waited!

  3. I bought the denim shorts too & I love them!
    :) x

  4. Loveee these! :) the stripey top is really nice and new look always has good stuff in! xxx

  5. oh my GOD must have a look tonight! (Hope I get the same luck!) xx

  6. Love all of these items, they're lovely :)! New Look has some lovely stuff at the moment but only their tops and dresses fit me! x

  7. I was never a huge fan of New Look, but the past few months they have really improved and I am obsessed with their Limited Edition Collection. I love your choices, especially the scarf - I would drape that around an wear it as a top the print is so stunning.

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  8. Love all the items, some great buys!



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