Saturday, 12 May 2012

Toothbrush holder!

Random, I know, but I just wanted to show you my new, and very cute, toothbrush holder! It's the little things, eh? Unlike the pot I was previously using, it will give me more shelf space. It will also keep my toothbrush head protected from dust and whatnot! I bought mine from this eBay seller for £2.50, including P&P. She also sells other animal variants, such as pandas and pigs :) Or, if you type in 'animal toothbrush holder' or 'children's toothbrush holder', other holders will come up :)


  1. Haha this is so cute, and actually a really good idea, I'm always a little paranoid about my toothbrush getting dirty!

    Frances xx

  2. This is ssooo cute!! Defo be ordering me and the bf one now!!! xxx

  3. so cute! me and my family have different coloured mushroom faces in our bathroom :D x


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