Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Figs & Rouge balms

Pomegranate - £4.95 from Feel Unique and Super Smoocher.
Rambling Rose - £3.49 from Feel Unique and £3.50 from Super Smoocher.
Feel Unique and Super Smoocher offer free delivery to UK addresses with any purchase. Boots also sell Figs & Rouge balms.

I've been loving these 100% natural and organic balms from Figs & Rouge (They will be making an appearance in my 'New Favourites' post - Keep an eye out!). The packaging is absolutely beautiful, and I must admit, one of the reasons that encouraged me to purchase them! The scents are great, too. The pomegranate balm has a subtle fruity scent. Rambling Rose has a stronger scent and smells similar to turkish delight. They have a grainy texture in the tins, but once they come in to contact with your skin, they are smooth. I've been using them on my face at night once or twice a week as a deep moisturising treatment. Because they are balms, they do leave a greasy residue on the skin, which is why I use them at night (Or during the day if I use them on my lips). I don't normally like tinned lip balms, but these are clear and suitable for the body, so I don't mind wiping the excess on my arm.
I've already used quite a bit of the Rambling Rose balm, so I may have to repurchase it in the near future!

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