Thursday, 14 June 2012

New Additions

Meet numbers 11 and 12 of my cacti/succulent family! I've just bought these from Lidl for £3.49 each. I have ones similar to the second one, but I don't have anything like the first. Some people think cacti are ugly, but I really like them. Their spines are only protecting them! And when they flower, they are beautiful. 
I now want to buy some plants that are not cacti. I've grown flowers in the past, but they're so delicate. I may start looking at orchids - They're pretty.


  1. I love cacti - I use to have a load of them when I was a teenager. My parents grow orchids - they are gorgeous flowers but can be a pain to look after.

  2. I have a Christmas Cactus and some Aloe Vera plants which I'd like to say are flourishing under my care. ;) *cough cough*

    My Christmas cactus is growing really quickly and the way in which they grow is incredibly cool, in my opinion. Okay, I'm a biology geek - I admit it! Apparently they flower around Christmas, hence the name, but I haven't had mine for that long.
    You should get an aloe vera plant if you want to try something new and less spiky, because they're easy to grow and they're good for your skin, if you get sun burnt etc. :)

    ~Hannah xx

    1. I have a Christmas plant which grows red leaves around Christmas! I'm fascinated by it. I have an aloe vera, but I would feel bad if I broke one of its 'leaves' haha x


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