Sunday, 23 September 2012

Meet Buddy!

This is Buddy, our new family member. He's one-one and a half years old and a Rottweiler cross Bull Mastiff. He's already had a few owners in his lifetime because he's rather big. The woman we got him off lived in a flat, which was too small for him. She also didn't live near any woods or fields, meaning he couldn't have a much needed run. 
He is the biggest baby and not like his breed's stereotype at all. Even with Jessie growling at him, he hasn't growled once. He just wants to play.
The main things we need to teach him is to not chase Jessie or the cats. His intentions are innocent and playful, but they don't like it, for obvious reasons.
We haven't had a male dog before and we've always had animals from birth or 2 months, so this is a new experience. My dad is great at training dogs though and all of our others have been very well behaved, so we have no doubts that Buddy is going to make a great dog. His obedience has already improved after a few days.

Because of his name (He was already called Buddy before we got him), I think he would make a great Christmas elf ;)


  1. Awh, he looks adorable, definitely not like the stereotype! x

  2. Aww he looks like a big softy. Beautiful dog xx

  3. What a shame Buddy's had the upheaval of changing owners before. I hope he's settling in well, it's good that he's now with people who can look after him properly :)



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