Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Primark Winter Haul and more

Primark - Socks - £4, £2.50 and £2.50

I love Primark's socks and pyjamas in the Winter! The ones above look and feel so cosy.

Primark - Bird print pyjama bottoms and owl gloves - £5 and £4

Another pair of cute pyjama bottoms to add to my collection :) The owl gloves are also adorable!

Primark - Tights and hair turban - £2.50 each and £1.50

I love Primark's thick tights. These ones are lovely because they don't go 'bobbly' and stay opaque, even when stretched over your legs. The hair turban was an impulse buy. Towels can be too heavy on my head, so this should be perfect :)

I also bought a coat for £26. In store, I thought it was a dark green, but when I arrived home, I realised that it was actually black, so I've given it to my sister. My hunt for a coat continues!

New Look - High waisted super soft skinny jeans and plimsolls - £22.99 and £6.99

Both of these are repurchases. I've been wearing the jeans a lot, so thought I'd buy another pair. I had never worn super soft jeans before these because I thought they'd easily lose their shape, but they haven't and I really, really like them. 

Superdrug - TRESemme shampoo 900ml bottles and long beaded necklace - 2 for £6.99 and £2.99 (Originally £6.99)

I'm running low on TRESemme shampoo, so stocked up while they're on offer. They're usually £4.99 and £5.49 each, so that's quite a saving! It's even better when they're half price, but I couldn't wait until then. The necklace is really pretty and was a good price. I'll probably wear it with a plain white top.

Poundland - Chocolate cream wafers - £1 each
Wilkinson - Flower cookie cutters and scented ornament - £1.50 and £1

I loveeeee these chocolate cream wafers and always buy some when in town. I can't wait to bake and use the cookie cutters. The scented ornament is cute and looks pretty hanging on my chest of drawers.


  1. I also love Primark's winter socks! & I love the bird print on your pyjama bottoms :) x

  2. Those gloves are so adorable x

  3. The socks are so cute! Love the jeans aswell! x

  4. Bit smitten with the owl gloves. :) x

  5. The pyjama bottoms are so cute and the gloves! Gotta love the socks too, aww I love winter xx

  6. I love the socks and owl gloves! Primark is amazing for socks and pjs

  7. Yes! I love winter clothes and Primark is always the best place to go! You got such cute things and I can't wait to head there soon and pick up all my new fluffy socks and PJs!

    I've just started a 200 follower giveaway if you're interested in taking a look :) ♥

  8. Great buys :-)

    Holli x


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