Saturday, 13 October 2012

Hey, I put some new shoes on

And suddenly everything's right!

Recently, I've been wanting some more sophisticated, 'grown up' items in my wardrobe. When I saw these boots on the New Look website for £24.99, I added them to my basket straight away (New Look's checking out process hasn't been working properly for months, so I checked out as a guest and used a different email address). I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived yesterday. They look great with shorts and black tights. The only problem is that they are so out of my comfort zone - They have a heel! Even though it's not a big heel and I can walk in them, I'm afraid I'm going to slip over. I do feel like they're too stylish for me and people will look at me funnily. I'm going to keep them though, find the confidence to wear them and work them! I'm going to need to sandpaper down the soles - Just the thought of falling over is embarrassing enough.

I then picked these up in Primark yesterday for £8. They're from the wide fit section, but they're not wide fit at all! I'm going to go to the section more often because it was the only section that was fully stocked. Every other pair of shoes I wanted in Primark had no size 7s left. I like these shoes, but I can tell the fabric is going to attract a lot of hair, and when you have seven animals, it's not the best situation! I also don't like the lining and would have preferred it to be black, but I can live with that.
Funny story - I took off my boots and socks to try these on, and when I went to put my socks back on, one was missing. The man sweeping the floor must have swept my sock away as he went past. I then had to go the rest of the day with one sock on haha. Thankfully, the pair of socks I was wearing were not new or my favourites.

I've also bought some other bits and bobs in the last couple of weeks, but I'll show you them once my latest order arrives!

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