Saturday, 20 October 2012

Latest Buys (ASOS, Illustrated People, Cath Kidston, H&M and more)

I've had these photos on my camera for a couple of weeks now and I fancied blogging tonight, so here we are!

ASOS: Cath Kidston purse £8 in the sale, Models Own Luis Lemon nail polish £5, Barry M Blink eyeliner £4.59

I had a 25% off code, so the above items were a fair bit cheaper than the prices I've given. 
I bought the purse because I didn't want to lug my huge one around if I was only going to the shops or something. It turns out that everything from my old purse fits in this one, so this is now my full time purse! On the back, it has a clear slip and I'm using it to display one of my favourite photos from my childhood.
The Models Own nail polish is quite sheer, so I think it'll work best with a white base coat. I'm excited to use it though because it's such a fun, bright colour!
I have yet to use the new Barry M eyeliner, but I can't wait to. From a swatch I did on my hand, I can tell you that it's pigmented, but I'm not sure how waterproof it is. It's definitely not as long lasting as my Collection 2000 one.

ASOS: Illustrated People owl jumper £20 in the sale

This was originally £35, but it was in the sale and my 25% discount code worked on it, so I ended up paying £15! It looks great on and I'll definitely be buying some more in the future.

New Look: Vest tops £2.49 each

I included some New Look vests in a previous haul, but they were a little big, so I gave them to my mum. These are a smaller size and fit perfectly, so I'm happy :)

H&M: Parka coat £39.99

I finally have a Winter coat! I've been looking for a coat for months. I wanted a parka, and there are some on the highstreet, but none of them cut it for me. I saw this and it was love at first sight. Yay!

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