Thursday, 25 October 2012

Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser (with Liz Earle and No7 comparisons)

In the last few months, I've really been getting into hot cloth cleansers. I love that they gently remove all traces of make-up and leave your skin soft and moisturised. I've tried Liz Earle's and No7's offerings, and thought I would try Superdrug's, seeing as the price is so affordable.

Price - Superdrug's Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser is £5.99 for 200ml, but is currently on offer for £4.99 (with free delivery on Superdrug's website!). Compared to No7's (£9.95 for 200ml or £4.95 when the vouchers are around) and Liz Earle's (£24 for 200ml), it's the most affordable hot cloth cleanser I've tried.

Packaging - The cleanser comes in a box with a muslim cloth. The box makes me feel like I'm purchasing a more expensive product, which is a nice touch. The actual product comes in a tube, rather than a pump like No7's and Liz Earle's. I don't mind if a hot cloth cleanser comes in a tube or pump, as long as I can reach all the product!

Formula - It's thick and creamy. Thicker than No7's, but not as thick as Liz Earle's. The scent is similar to No7's - It's just a standard, soapy, clean one. I really like it and prefer it to Liz Earle's.

Results - It removes my make-up incredibly well, like the other two, and leaves my skin soft and moisturised. It leaves my skin much softer than No7's and nearly as soft as Liz Earle's, which is great praise!

Overall - I really, really like this product and will be repurchasing it. I think it's on par with Liz Earle's hot cloth cleanser, but it's much more affordable. £5.99 is cheap, but it's regularly on offer, so you're likely to get it for even less.

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