Thursday, 1 August 2013

July Update!

Jessie on our walk the other day looking rather amusing!

Hello, all! After not updating you in over a year, I've done so twice in two months! I used to do weekly ones, but not a great deal usually happens from week to week, so I think I'll just keep them monthly.

In my last update, I said I'd applied for a job. I didn't get it, which does make me question myself as to why, but I'm still proud for even having the courage to apply. I haven't applied to any others since then because it's not a top priority at the moment, what with year 3 and my dissertation around the corner. I know lots of people have jobs while at uni, but because I've never experienced that, it'd be a shock to the system handling something else, especially in year 3. I wish I'd started applying last Summer!

I also said in my last update that I'd love to go to Thorpe Park this Summer. Well, that week, I did! My parents both had time off of work, so we all went together. Unfortunately, I was travel sick, and was still sick entering the park. Travel sickness and tummy turning rides do not mix, but I went on them anyway because I was not missing out! Surprisingly, Rush turned my tummy the most, not any of the roller coasters. I'd love to go again, but take precautions this time!

Out of the blue, I remembered that I hadn't yet applied for student finance for the next academic year - Two days before the deadline. Quite lucky, really. I can't believe I'd forgotten about it, though. I'm normally one of the first to get it in. I think it's because this last year has gone by so quickly that I thought I'd only just filled the forms out, when it was actually 16 months ago - Oops!

In the month of July I also became an organ donor. I hadn't signed up before because the thought of my death, someone cutting me open, and taking my organs, terrified me. It still does, but I thought I may as well. My organs will only go to waste if I don't, and if I can save a life, it's worth it. I just hope they won't have to be used for a very long time!

As some of you may know, July was also an upsetting time for my family because our beautiful Puddin' died. It was out of the blue, a week before her 5th birthday. We still miss her every day, and expect to see her running in before remembering what happened, but we're just thankful that her death was quick. I'm holding on to the adorable and funny memories I have of her now.

That week was a bit of a roller coaster because the day after Puddin' died I received my 2nd year uni results. I was so happy with them, and it felt great to be proud for once. On closer inspection, I found that one of the Firsts I'd received was for an assignment I struggled with towards the end. Baffling, but I'm not complaining!

Now I've just got to concentrate on year 3. I'm going to gather research for my dissertation idea next week, if my lecturer says my idea is okay. I'm nervous to open my email and find his response!

The next update you'll see will be in September! I can't believe that's only next month. Enjoy your August!

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