Friday, 30 August 2013

NSPA Lime Hair and Body Wash

The scent of a body product is important to me, and I like my shower gels to really pack a punch. The juicier and stronger, the better! I've used Original Source's lime shower gel for years, making it a staple in my shower routine. I've tried store own brand lime shower gels, and while nice (they're lime, after all), they didn't have that kick. I don't mind other scents being like that, but to me, lime is known for its kick! Anyway, while in the beauty isle of ASDA, I spotted this gem: NSPA's Lime Hair and Body Wash. I smelt it and was actually taken aback by how strong and juicy it was. Once home, I compared to my beloved Original Source, and you know what? I think this is zestier. For £3, or 2 for £4, I'm even more pleased. With the black packaging and 'hair' in the title, it looks like it's designed to appeal to men as well. Even so, I used it as a shampoo myself, and it cleaned my hair like any other shampoo would, but made it smell amazing afterwards. I won't be replacing my everyday shampoo for it, but I'll use it every so often! As a shower gel, or 'body wash', it also works great. It cleans my body, and that's what every shower gel should do!

Do you like strong, fruity scents? Or are you more of a subtle scent devotee?

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