Thursday, 20 February 2014

Lush Goodies

If you didn't know, I was a mystery shopper for Lush, but they decided to end the scheme last month, and as a good gesture, they added some extra credit to our accounts. I previously bought smaller items because I still couldn't bring myself to spend over £10 on one product. This time, though, I decided to buy a few more expensive things. I've tried most of their cheaper items anyway, and didn't want to buy any more of their bath products because I don't even have baths. I use them in foot soaks, but it's still not enough to use it all before it becomes old.

I spent hours and hours researching these products, and just when I'd made up my mind about getting one, I'd stumble across a negative review, which would make me doubt myself. In the end, I decided to just go for it! The majority of the reviews were positive anyway. Usually, though, when a product is so hyped, I'm left disappointed because my expectations were too high. I can see the same thing happening with these, so I'm not starting off with high hopes.

Ro's Argan Body Conditioner £15.95/225g - This is so expensive! And I can't help but think that I could've got a couple other products for the same price (even though there wasn't anything else I wanted). This is a moisturiser that you put on and wash off in the shower. Similar to the Nivea one's claims, but I'm hoping this actually works! I also bought this because it's described as smelling like their Rose Jam bubble bar, which I love. It does, but it's a lot stronger than I thought, and something I'm going to have to get used to. I'm still getting used to floral scents.

Ultrabland Facial Cleanser £6.95/45g - The pot looks small, but I can see this lasting a while. This is the product that had mixed reviews. People liked how it removed makeup, but they didn't like the smell, texture, or residue it left on their skin. I don't know what smell they're referring to, because I can hardly smell a thing, and same goes for my mum and sister. I can slightly smell bees wax, but it's ever so slightly, and not horrible. The greasy texture's going to be difficult to get used to, but I don't think I'll mind the residue it leaves. I cleanse in the shower in the evenings, and this will hopefully moisturise overnight, too.

Mask of Magnaminty £5.25/125g - I'm skeptical about this product because I've never come across a mask that's completely wowed me. We'll see. You get a lot of product for your money, though, especially if you compare it to the £1 sachets.

Dark Angels Face and Body Cleanser sample (£6.35/100g) - When asked what samples I'd like (I ordered over the phone), I only asked for Dark Angels, and now I'm kicking myself. It's because I was put on the spot and my mind went blank! Anyway, this was the other product I was considering getting, and am intrigued to try it.

On another note, I ordered on Tuesday with standard delivery, and it arrived Wednesday! Impressive. Have you bought anything from Lush recently?

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