Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Windowsill Blossoms

My windowsill is full of colour at the moment. My cacti, succulents, and plants all seem to be blooming. The first photo is of one of my Kalanchoes. The flowers were white when I first bought them, but now they're a mix of white, pink, and yellow. I'm tempted to buy some more because they're just so beautiful, but I have no room left! The second photo is of the flowers in the plant selection pot I bought from B&Q. I thought they'd died a long time ago, so it was a nice surprise to see that they didn't! The third photo shows 'Herbert's' beautiful, yellow flowers blooming away. Since this photo was taken, he's sprouted another two! I was looking back through my blog and found a photo of him when I first got him. He's now at least 5 times bigger, which I didn't realise before! I don't know why he has a name, either. None of my others do!

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