Thursday, 29 May 2014

Blanx White Shock Gel Pen and Mouthwash

Blanx White Shock Gel Pen* - 1.8ml/£10.99
Blanx White Shock Gel Pen is the whitening treatment without hydrogen peroxide that you can take anywhere! Exclusive Blanx White Shock Gel Pen formula with Actilux, the patented active that reacts to light, naturally whitening your teeth at every smile, all day long. Practical, safe, and doesn't damage tooth enamel. Apply the product directly on the enamel with the soft top of the pen. Leave for 15 minutes, then brush teeth to remove any residual gel. Repeat twice a day for 2 weeks.
I like the convenient concept of this, the shade scale it comes with, and that it caused no sensitivity. However, I didn't notice much of a difference in terms of whitening. Additionally, it was a little annoying to apply. The gel would mix with saliva, so you didn't know how much of it you were actually applying to your teeth. This also meant the soft top would get messy. Then, if you even closed your mouth a little, the gel would be removed. You don't get much product, either.

Blanx White Shock Mouthwash* - 500ml/£5.50
The only light activated Whitening Mouthwash in the world with Actilux, the innovative formula protected by two international patents. The light reactive formula of BlanX White Shock Mouthwash with Actilux removes bacteria, cleans and continues to whiten your teeth all day long. The more you smile, the whiter your teeth will get. 
I like this more, and will continue to use it. It's very refreshing and maintains a fresh breath. I'm not sure about the claims, or if it helps whiten my teeth, but it's still a good mouthwash.

Have you tried anything from Blanx?

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