Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Empties #6 - Organic Surge Super Intensive Daily Moisturiser

First I finish a body butter this year, and now a moisturiser! Maybe I'll even get round to finishing a lip balm! (has anyone actually done this?). I wanted to dedicate an entire post to this empty because it's an achievement for me. I've never been big on moisturising. I'd use a new moisturiser for a couple weeks and get bored. Then I'd buy another and the same thing would happen. Organic Surge then had a sale (you can see my initial thoughts on my purchases here) and I couldn't resist the Super Intensive Daily Moisturiser for just £2.25 (down from £8.99, which is still affordable). It has taken me a year to finish, but I have been using other products, too, and I only started to regularly moisturise this year (with the motivation to look 10-15 years younger than I actually am when I'm older). This moisturiser is targeted towards dry skin, but my combination oily skin has been loving it as an over night treatment. This is because it's not greasy like other heavy duty moisturisers. It's still too heavy for me to using during the day, but works well at night. It sinks in straight away and leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated. It's also 98.99% natural, animal friendly, and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Are you a fan of Organic Surge?

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