Tuesday, 12 January 2010

EyesLipsFace Haul

The shipping was very fast, arrived in two days :)

Before this haul, I had two make-up brushes: an eyelash/brow comb and an old blush brush which I used everything for so I was in need of a few brushes:

Complexion Brush £3.50

Blush Brush £3.50

Eye shadow C Brush £3.50

^ These are all extremely soft and am looking at ordering more.

Eyelash & Brow Wand £1.50

Mechanical Eyelash Curler £1.50

^ These seem pretty good so far.

All Over Color Stick in Pink Lemonade £1.50

All Over Color Stick in Persimmon £1.50

All Over Color Stick in Lilac Petal £1.50

All Over Color Stick in Spotlight £1.50

^ I've had a stick like these before. So far I really like them, the only problem is, their not very creamy (The stick I've already got (From a magazine lol) is very creamy) so I would suggest warming these up on your finger before applying.

Mini Make-up Collection FREE as I spent over £15.

^ The eyeshadows are sooo soft! & the blush is just gorgeous, like a coral with subtle shimmer. Does anyone know if this blush is sold separately? Like, is a shade from the mineral blushes, or is it the same blush from the duo? Because I want to buy it in full.

Full reviews of products coming soon.

I've been wanting to order so much of their products for a while now but when ordering, I just didn't want anything. I have all the make-up I need.

My birthday is next Wednesday so my sister took me into Superdrug the other day so I can pick out any make-up products I wanted - There was nothing I wanted! I'm quite pleased with myself lol



  1. I love my elf brushes and all over cover stick. I hope you get on with them well. I was tempted to get the pink cover stick... have resisted so far....
    Happy Birthday for next wednesday!

  2. yes..you can get the blush in a duo..it has the bronzer with it too.
    if i'm correct, you have the blush that has been compared alot to nars's orgasm.
    i have the duo and ive already hit pan on it lol
    early happy birthday for wednesday..ny birthday is the following wednesday :)

  3. Those All Over Color Sticks look nice. Maybe I should try one... but ELF is not available in my area -_-

    Oh and the Mini Make-up Collection is gorgeous! It's cool you got it for free (=

  4. omg look at those brushes! i always wanted to get something from elf but never did for some reason! will defo get some brushes now :)


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