Friday, 8 January 2010

Hard Lush Decisions...

I like everything from Lush but personally, I find the bath ballistics a waste of a few pounds as their used up so quickly! I also don't use face masks and find their body butters and facial cleansers etc... a bit expensive. But I do want to start using soap more often. There are 8 I want and it comes to just over 20 pounds for all 8. This is waaay too much money to spend on soap! But I can't limit them down :(

Rock Star

Porridge soap

Vanilla In The Mist

Ice Blue

Honey I Washed The Kids

I Should Coco


MudFlats (In retro section. Had before and really liked it)


  1. I've only tried one soap and that was Sea Vegetable. I wasn't crazy about it in any way, but these soaps (esp. mudflats) look fun!

  2. The coconut one doesn't smell as good as you might think from how it looks, I was impressed with the honey I washed the kids though xx

  3. ice blue looks yummy!
    haven't tried any lsh products maself, like you say they are abit expensive!

  4. Honey I Washed The Kids smells lovely
    You could always ask for samples of them and see which you prefer :)

  5. I havent tried any of these but they all look yumm! xoxo

  6. HIWTK, Rockstar and I Should Coco are my faves out of them. HIWTK is prob my fave of all. x

  7. I didn't like I should coco, it has coconut bits all the way through which go mushy and fall out in clumps and it just doesn't smell that great in my opinion. xxxx I love honey i washed the kids soo much though!


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