Saturday, 9 January 2010


I've just ordered from ELF!

Believe it or not, the only make-up brushes I own are a eye lash/brow comb and a rubbish blush brush which I have been using for everything: face powder, corrective powder, blush and bronzer - it just will not do!

I got a few brushes and some All Over Color Sticks. For ages I've been wanting to buy all of their bronzers, blushes, concealers etc... but when ordering, I just didn't want any. I have all of the make-up I need already, so I just ordered the colour sticks for blush and highlighting. They have a new shade called spotlight which is like a white so I'll be seeing how this does for a highlighter.



  1. Don't know about the color sticks, but I thought the brushes were pretty good for the small price... when you can't invest in MAC and all that, they're a pretty good and affordable alternative !

  2. the brushes are great, i bought my siso some!
    i love the cover sticks, the skin coloured ones are great for concealing and ive oredered my first coloured 1.xx


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