Friday, 8 January 2010

Superdrug Haul

I bought this little lot today :) - I only went in for some shampoo!

I've tried about five of Vitamin E's products as my mum got them for Christmas. I really like them so I thought I'd get some more, plus I need a good routine :)

Cleanser and eye make-up remover 2 for £3

Facial scrub 2 for £3 ( Couldn't find a picture of the scrub so used the facial wash instead. I've already been using this scrub and like it more than St.Ives. It has oaty bits in it :) )

Moisture cream 2 for £3 - I need to start moisturising!

Illuminating moisture cream 2 for £3 (Packaging is different to what is shown above, crappy Superdrug website!) I am really looking forward to trying this out.

Original Source Lime shower gel £1

Original Source Lemon shower gel £1. I love both of these so much! They smell divine and the lemon one, to me, smells like lemon cheesecake - mmmm!

Coconut & Sweet Almond shampoo 97p

I also got a free pack of face wipes because I spent over £5. Do you think their trying to get rid of them? lol



  1. I love the coconut and sweet almond range I use the body lotion all the time! check out my blog for my recent post "7 beauty treats under £3!!" x

  2. Hi, I tagged you on my blog,
    I love Original Source, my favourite was their limited edition Mallow one.

  3. oooh! 2 for 3quid! what a bargain, i'll defo have to check them out!
    i love orginal source products, i hav their shower gel that has exfoliating beads in it.

  4. Ooh bargain, it's a good idea to get in a routine when you are younger, prevent those wrinkles as much as you can cos it's very depressing when they start to appear lol!

  5. Wow you guys have some cool products in the US/UK!!! In Australia Ive never seen ANY of these products!


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