Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Body Butter Collection + Reviews

I prefer body butters to lotions. Although my skin isn't dry, I like to give it as much moisture as possible. I actually only use these in the Summer when my legs are on show; the rest of the year I just smell them!

Left to right: The Body Shop Raspberry, The Body Shop Almond, Boots Extracts Vanilla, Body Treatment Cocoa, Palmers Cocoa Butter, Boots Extracts Cocoa Butter x2, Boots Extracts Mango, Boots Extracts Coconut, Boots Extracts Brazil Nut, Boots Extracts Honey.

All moisturise well, I've never come across a body butter that doesn't.

The Body Shop £12.50 for 200ml: The raspberry one smells absolutely divine! Like jam. I don't like the Almond one, it is nothing compared to the Boots Extracts Almond one that my sister has. I wouldn't pay full price for these because I don't like to spend over £10 on a body butter but when on sale they are a great buy.

Body Treatment Cocoa £1something for 220ml: You can buy this at Wilkinsons and it is very affordable! However, since purchasing my other body butters, I've noticed that this one doesn't smell as nice.

Palmers Cocoa Butter £3.22* for 100g: This smells so good (Like chocolate) and is affordable too. It moisturises well, the only problem being how greasy it is. This is a product to use in the evening when you're not doing anything as it takes a while to absorb into the skin.

Boots Extracts £7.92* for 200ml, £2.55* for 50ml: I absolutely adore this range and will choose them over The Body Shop any day. Not the cheapest but more affordable than The Body Shop. These are also fairtrade.

  • The Body Shop Raspberry - Jam, yum yum.
  • Boots Extracts Vanilla - Anyone who knows me or reads my blog regularly will know that Vanilla is my favourite scent so this has to be in my favourites!
  • Boots Extracts Mango - Smells amazing! and isn't too sweet.
  • Boots Extracts Brazil Nut - Oh my. I thought that the Cocoa Butter one would smell sweeter but no, this one definitely smells sweeter! It smells like toffee/fudge/yummy goodness. I think this one may just be in the lead with Vanilla! Now that's a compliment!


*Palmers and Boots Extracts prices from, correct at time of writing.


  1. can't beat the body shop butters they are amazing :) I am definatley addicted X

  2. I also prefer body butters to lotions. What a nice collection! They all look yummy (=

  3. yes, yes, the Body Shop's Raspberry butter is the best! I love love it! And the Brazil Nut one.
    Another cheap and mega awesome body butter is the Cocoa one from Primark. I swear it smells like cookies and I would just want to eat it! :P

  4. Ooh great reviews! I also prefer Body Butters to lotions, i like how they're thicker and easier to work with x

  5. i love the boots extracts barzil nut <3 it's delicious!

  6. I have a few from the Body Shop, but I get the smaller ones for £5 if I've run out and the others aren't in the sale. But they're awesome and smell so nice!

  7. For me it's neither body lotions nor body butters (too thick), I use Weleda skin oils.

  8. I god some product from bodyshop. my sister gave it to me! they are so good! I have all the products of mango. It smells so good! :)

  9. I love TBS' cherry body butter, it's so lush, or ones by Sanctuary- the Kyphi one is particularly amazing. I have a few of the Boots ones on the go at the moment too.


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