Friday, 4 February 2011

Super Smoocher - Crazy Rumours lip balm in French Vanilla

I've had this since this morning and although some may think it's too early to review this product, I'm going to. With some products you need to wait a week or two to see the results (Skincare) but with make-up, I think you can make up your mind whether you like a product within minutes.

I purchased this lip balm from Super Smoocher. Super Smoocher is home to natural lip balms of many brands and has free delivery on all orders. The free delivery is fantastic as this is what determines whether I make an online purchase. I ordered Wednesday afternoon, my lip balm was shipped Wednesday evening and it arrived Friday morning; pretty good!
My lip balm arrived in pink tissue paper with pink heart sequins inside. I love love love when companies do little things like this!

Onto the lip balm. Like with the other balms the site has to offer, this is 100% natural. The packaging is cute, almost vintage. It melts onto your lips and keeps them moisturised for a decent amount of time. The scent... I'm in heaven. French Vanilla is a mix of coffee and vanilla. Regular readers know my favourite scent is vanilla and although I don't like the taste of coffee, I adore the smell. This lip balm smells exactly like these two scents. My mum had a sniff and said it smelt like butterscotch, in which she is right. Me and my mum are crazy for butterscotch so maybe this is why I cannot put the lip balm down! Even if it didn't moisturise my lips, I would still constantly use it because it smells amazing.
The lip balm is £3.45, which I think is reasonable.

There are so many other scents I want to try! I've narrowed my list down to:
From Crazy Rumours: Mocha, Cola
and from Hurraw!: Lime, Grapefruit and Cinnamon tinted lip balm.

I definitely recommend the site and Crazy Rumours!



  1. I got mine today too but havent tried it yet!think crazy rumours are next on my list x

  2. The label puts me in mind of Friends! I love smelly lip balms, I have a strawberry cupcake one which is just soooo yummy... sorely tempted to get this xx

  3. It looks so cute, bring it into school so I can have a sniff! :D x

  4. This sounds lovely. I'm addicted to lipbalm at the moment due to the horrible cold weather. x


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