Wednesday, 16 February 2011


This is a ramble post; you don't have to read it!

I had my interview at Falmouth University today.

When I first received the letter telling me about the interview, I said I wasn't going. I'm terrified of meeting new people so avoid most situations where this is included.
After thinking about it and being persuaded by others, I agreed to go. Even sending the confirmation email, I felt sick.
For weeks, I wasn't nervous because it didn't seem real. Last night and this morning I was nervous but no way near as much as I thought I would be. Surprisingly, on the way to the interview, my nerves didn't get the better of me and I wasn't sick. This is because I kept my mind off of it. Thinking about what will happen is a big no. What you think is usually far worse than the actual situation is and you end up working yourself up for nothing.

I got to the reception and waited. My knees were actually trembling!

The letter I received about the interview stated that it would last approximately 3 hours, including a tour, introduction to the course, group discussion and individual interview. I contacted the University to see how many other applicants would be attending and the reply was 6.
Wrong. They were expecting me along with another girl. The other girl didn't turn up so it was just me.
I also expected there to be about 3 interviewers but there was just one woman. She took me through the campus, chatting along the way. We went into a room and she casually started asking me questions. It was so relaxed and casual I didn't realise it was the interview! It lasted around 10 minutes and then I went home haha
She was amazed that I've raised around 30 kittens and kept asking me questions about it. She also seemed interested in my blog. A few of my answers could have been better but it was so casual it seemed like a normal conversation.

The campus is beautiful and they don't have formal examinations as they believe you cannot judge someone's ability from a one hour exam. They focus on the coursework.

Also, although I've applied for English with Media, I have a choice to have an English with Creative Writing degree.
Both courses do the same modules for the first year. For the second I can choose modules from the Media and Creative Writing courses. It's the third year in which I choose whether I want an English with Media degree or English with Creative Writing.

Although the interview didn't push me in the deep end, in terms of my fear with meeting new people, I'm so proud of myself for having the courage to go.



  1. Welldone lovely (:<3, as scary as things like this seem you have to remember that it's all character building!xx

  2. yay you did it!

    the woman sounds lovely, and seems like you did a great job too, congrats xx


  3. Yey I'm so glad that you did it :) Well done! I hope this gives you a little confidence boost for the future xx

  4. Well done! I'm sure you did great xoxo

  5. Well done! You should be proud of yourself and it sounds like it went well so :D xx

  6. Well done, sounds as if you did a good job. I'm the same as you, i work myself up something terrible and then everything turns out fine in the end, haha! x

  7. Sounds like it went really well. Well done for being brave and going to it :) x

  8. Well done! Interviews are always scary but she sounded very impressed with you! Good luck with uni!


  9. well done! sounds like you did great. xx

  10. aw i'm happy for you. it's these moments where you feel proud of yourself for doing something you fear. if we didn't do one thing that makes our heart race we would all be no where. i had a lecture about this from a man, you might know him i can't remember his name, something mccan? and his word was 'ginger massive' haha.
    and moments when you over react about something then it turns out being completely fine.
    i'm glad you did okay.


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