Saturday, 12 February 2011

MUA Eye Shadows

Shades 1, 6 and 8.
Swatches applied dry and then wet.

£1 each.

MUA is a brand I've always walked past. I read some good reviews on the eye shadows and lipsticks but none persuaded me to purchase. I decided to swatch these in town last week (I swatched half the products in Superdrug!) and after trying them, went straight to the till.
Shade 1 is a gorgeous highlight. I wear eye shadow along my lower lash line, mostly blues and greens, so that's the reason why I purchased shades 6 and 8. These are all very pigmented! I'm extremely impressed, especially considering the price.
The matte shades in the range lack pigmentation but thankfully, most of the eye shadows are a pearl finish.

Next on my list: shades 9 and 11!



  1. the matte shades are brilliant! i have the matte black and the brown, i use the black for setting eyeshadow, they arent bad at all, especially for £1. i really love the look of shade 6! xx

  2. I love these!! I get everything for 70p!! :D XO

  3. I've already got shade 1 but I am definitely getting the other two, the colours are gorgeous.


  4. I've been hearing such good things about these eyeshadows and i think shade 1 is lovely! x

  5. These look gorgeous, so pigmented for the £1 price tag! x

  6. These look so pretty and great swatched showing them wet! x

  7. Ooh I have the highlight one!I also had shade 11 but gave it to my sis :) It is indeed very lovely! And great idea swatching em wet, I've never done that yet but it makes them really pop :) x

  8. mua shadows are so pigmented! i haven't tried any other products from them yet though xx

  9. These are little gems.I love mine.I have 2 of the lipsticks aswell and think there fab.


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