Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Nail tattoos

I like the idea of nail tattoos - nail art for the lazy :P
The nail tattoos I'm reviewing today are from Born Pretty Store and you can buy them here for $4.73, which is around £2.88.

I'm not too keen on the patterns in this pack and only like three designs; leopard (Top row, second column), giraffe (Second row, third column) and zebra print (Third row, second column). The Louis Vuitton designs are extremely tacky.

The instructions. Notice a few spelling mistakes?

These are extremely easy to use and you just apply them like you would with a fake tattoo.

I tried out the zebra design with the polish I have been wearing this week (Barry M's Coral):
Because I couldn't be bothered to change my polish, the design looks more like tiger print!
I cannot wait to try the other two designs I like and will most likely wear a nude base polish.

I will probably only wear the tattoos on my ring finger and maybe my thumb. This is because I want the tattoos to last and if I put a design on all of my fingers, I will use an entire square (They're not that big).

I love the idea of nail tattoos but I'm not a huge fan on the selection of designs with this particular pack. That being said, this pack is only a few pounds are there is free shipping with Born Pretty Store :)



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