Saturday, 21 May 2011


Today started out terribly! I woke up late, got mascara all over my face, broke the handle on my make up storage and I have a load of spots.
In a few hours I've got to get ready for a party and I'm knackered. I'm getting into bed as soon as I come home :)
I thought I bought more than I did but ah well, here is my little shop:

Friend's birthday present:
Jar - Wilkinsons - £2
Skittles - Wilkinsons - 98p
Large pomegranate and pear candle - Parchment - £6.99
My Blue Nose Friend Mole - Clinton Cards - £5
Hurraw! Lemon lip balm - Super Smoocher - £3.45
Crazy Rumours Peppermint Twist lip balm - Super Smoocher - £3.45
Barry M Nail Paint in Pure Turquoise - Superdrug - 2 for £4.99
Barry M Nail Paint in Bright Purple - Superdrug - 2 for £4.99

I won 1000 points on my Beautycard so I got the two products above, the Barry M polishes and a body spray for my sister for just 6p! The normal price of the nail polish remover is £2.09 and the nail files are 99p.

 Shoes £3

Primark and Peacocks:
Primark bow hair clips £1, Peacocks bow hair clips £3

Razors £1.98, Cotton wool 2 for £1

I have a Naked body/skin/hair care haul coming up, as well as Liz Earle and GlossyBox reviews.



  1. Aw you got your mate some lovely things! x

  2. awww i love the jar and the skittles my best friend would love this for her birthday hah! xxxx

  3. cute idea for the pressy:} xx

  4. I love the hair bows from Peacocks. xo

  5. I love the jar of skittles. It's such a great idea for a great price. I've got the gift inspiration i needed :) xo

  6. You got some lovely things there, your friend is very lucky! I love the jar of Skittles, such a nice touch x

  7. ooh i might have to use your skittle jar idea, my friends birtdays coming up- such lovely presents!

  8. I love the little bows, might have to buy some as well and the sweets in a jar is a really good idea, I used it for chirstmas and it goes down a treat. :)

    hope your friend enjoys her birthday :) xx

  9. your gifts for your friend are so cute!

  10. Aww so cute gifts:) I love skittles!!!

    And the shoes looks great, I need to Primark:)

  11. The Skittles jar is a great idea! I was thinking of having a kind of care package swap with my friends when we leave for uni so I might pinch that one to add to it. :)


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