Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Naked time!

I love Groupon. They've had some great deals in the past. I recently purchased the Naked deal, where you paid £8 for a £20 voucher to spend on Naked products. This has been mentioned very little in the blogging world so I'm guessing not many people purchased it. I must admit, I only purchased it because I had Groupon credit, meaning I got the deal for free. Because of this, I only had to pay for P&P. So what did I buy for £3.99?

  • Scrub Up Naked - Sea Minerals Salt Scrub - £6.99. This smells like the ocean, which I thoroughly enjoy. I've already discovered that a little goes a longgg way.
  • Naked Rescue Intensive Care Conditioner - Frizzy, damaged hair - £3.99.
  • Spoilt Rotten Coco De Mer Collection - £9. I wanted to get the body butter (I have far too many but still want more!) so I thought for £4 more, I may as well get the bundle, which includes another two products: body wash and bath foam. These contain passion flower and coconut oil, so understandably have a floral scent, with a hint of coconut. Not a scent I'd usually go for (I like fruity/sweet scents) but I quite like it.


  1. Great buys! I purchased the groupon voucher too, cant wait to get my hands on the sea salt scrub!! xx

  2. Those products look really interesting, too bad they aren't available in Canada )=

  3. I got it! I love all the bits and pieces I got. Total bargain too!


  4. I saw this Groupon but hesitated buying it, wish I hadn't!

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