Friday, 6 May 2011

Someday Summary - Friday

  • Jacks (Or Jax as my dad prefers to spell it) went 'missing' for 2 1/2 weeks. We weren't particularly worried because it's 'mating season' (He had the chop about a month ago though, poor sod). On Tuesday my dad found him chillin' in someone's garden a few streets away haha. We decided to get him a collar so people know where to return him if he goes walk abouts again. It's black and sparkly and he looks adorable!

He kept moving, hence the side shot but this photo shows you the collar well.

  • Also on Tuesday, I drank 1L 250ml of water! I know the recommended amount is 2L but I'm still proud of myself. The only water I normally drink is in a few cups of teas a day. I'm going to try and drink more because I'm sure my body is suffering from the little amount it gets. My muscles keep pulling themselves and they're so painful that I cannot move for about 5 minutes. I'm guessing this is because of water deficiency. Drinking water will also make my skin look better!
  • I'm stressing out about exams. One month left people! I'm worried about English and Media (Not so much Psychology). I get my results on the 18th August and before I collect them, I can log into Ucas to see if I've been accepted into the Uni's I've applied for. Imagine if they say I haven't got a place... I'm going to have to go into school to collect my results, knowing I've done bad. The 18th is also my sister's birthday so if my results are poor, I'm going to be crying on her happy occasion.
  • Most people in my year either have a job, can drive, go 'clubbing' or are having sex. I do none of these things and it makes me feel like a child. I don't have the: confidence to get a job, money to learn to drive, friends to go 'clubbing' and I don't have a boyfriend. In fact, I've never had a boyfriend and I'm 18. How pathetic is that?

My favourite cleanser is nearly gone! Thankfully I have a back up of The Body Shop's Vitamin E Facial Cleansing Bar. Review can be found here. I wrote the review 11 months ago and it's only just running out!



  1. awh, your cat's so cute. :) xo

  2. I never went clubbing until I went to university. Are you going to uni? It's a great place to meet new people. I'm 20 and I still know a lot of people who've never been in relationships - boys and girls. xx

  3. Aw that last sentence made me feel sad. If you are 18 and not had sex then good for you. Its actually something to be proud of not ashamed.
    I am 36 and still dont drive. I need to do something about that though as it is something i wish i had done when i was younger.
    As for having no confidence to get a job have you thought about doing voluntary work? Maybe its something to think about as a way of making new friends and gaining some experience.
    You sound lovely so dont put yourself down xxx

  4. I've never had a boyfriend either don't worry about it (:<3

  5. Don't put yourself down, Louise, you don't need to do all those things to be happy, believe in yourself. I've never had a boyfriend and I'm almost 17 and it can be awkward but also it's a good thing because at least no-one can truthfully spread stupid things... xx

  6. I'm exactly the same as you (except I can drive, after almost a year of lessons and 3 tests... seriously I thought I was never gonna pass). I'm kinda worried that if I ever do get a boyfriend he'll expect that I know how to cope with stuff, but it's good to know that I'm not the only one I guess

  7. I'm going to learn to drive as soon as I can, but that's because in Cornwall if you don't drive you don't do anything. It's almost impossible to get around! You will get a boyf, go clubbing and everything in uni. My cousin went to Bristol uni and she was in the exact same situation as you! xx

  8. don't put yourself down, you are beautiful and being your own person makes you, you :)

    i hope you get all the results you want xxx

  9. Ha, me and my friend are always talking about how we've never had a boyfriend! I honestly don't think you should worry about it though (I don't) - it will happen (well for you, not me, unless he's blind ;) ) xx

  10. I didn't have my first boyfriend until I was 20 and probably would have never had one if I didn't meet him 3 years ago (we're still together) because I'm very particular when it comes to guys. It's not a race. Just let everything come in its own time. That goes for everything else as well. Cheer up, girl!

  11. I'm 17 and have never had a boyfriend! I wouldn't let it get you down though :) xxx

  12. Your cat is CUTE!

    Please don't let what other people are doing affect how you feel about yourself. Having said that, at 18, I was exactly the same. You're fabulous just the way you are x


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