Thursday, 14 July 2011

Nails Of The Week - OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender

This is the first Nails Of The Week post I've done in nearly two months! I stopped painting my nails during exam period and have only just started wearing polish again.

This is OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender. It's a combination of pink & lilac and I absolutely adore it. I wouldn't say it's lavender, like the name suggests, because I imagine lavender to be more purple.

This polish reminded me of Barry M Boots Limited Edition; one of my all time favourite shades. Here is a comparison:
Barry M Boots Limited Edition is on my ring finger and the rest are painted with OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender. As you can see, the Barry M shade is darker and more purple toned (Although, IRL, the difference isn't as drastic as the photo suggests). Not a dupe, but they're certainly in the same colour family.



  1. I was thinking of getting Lucky Lavender but everyone said barry m was a dupe - think I might be able to justify getting it now!! x

  2. Looks so pretty, i wish those types of colors looked good on me xx

  3. Ooh I see what you mean about the OPI! I still prefer the No7 and BarryM ones though! :p x


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