Saturday, 16 July 2011

Sleek blushes

Clockwise from top left: Pixie Pink, Flamingo, Rose Gold, Santorini

Same order as above

Price: £4.30

In the pan, the formula of these isn't the best. For example, Pixie Pink and Flamingo are chalky and Rose Gold and Santorini are hard and grainy. However, these qualities do not transfer onto the skin. As you can see, the swatches above are not at all chalky or grainy. All of these blushes are pigmented and blend well. They are also affordable, which is always great!



  1. sweet, i've heard so much about rose gold and flamingo!
    Krissy xoxo

  2. I have santorini and am so scared of it haha I am also waiting on rose gold to arrive it looks really nice in your pics :)

  3. I have pixie pink and its lovely :-)

  4. Rose gold is lovely,I never buy blusher pallets but I may have to get this one x

  5. I love how bright these look. Im toying with the idea of gettin flamingo and santorini, they look scarily bright but i'm sure they look brill when they have been applied xx

  6. frilly-lace-knickers: This isn't a blush palette; they're separate blushers. Sleek don't do a blush palette :)

  7. The Rose gold one looks beautiful, next blush on my list :) x


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