Monday, 4 July 2011

Shop and Schwarzkopf got2b prizes

Underwear - £3.50
Hot air balloon necklace - £6
Blush in Starlet - £2.50
Stickers - 87p each

Accessorize currently have a 50% off sale, both online and in store. I ordered the above online and would have bought so much more, but a lot was out of stock. I really like the underwear! I can see some people hating them, but ah well! I've been thinking about buying the blush for a while so when I saw that it was half price, I popped it in my basket. I think it's on sale because they have new blushes and bronzers coming out, including duos. I love Accessorize stickers! I have a few other packs in adorable designs. I've had one on my phone for a year & a half and it's still going strong!
I went in store today and my store had tons of half price goodies, but nothing caught my eye.

Remington Pearl curling wand - £25.99

I wanted some new curling tongs and was asking people on Twitter about the Babyliss conical wands. Many liked them but in the end I decided to go with the Remington Pearl ones. I like the brand and have heard great things about the Pearl range (I really want the straighteners!). These also come with a heat protective glove. I'm going to use them on my sister's hair for her prom on Thursday, so will show you the results!

Lenny Lamb chocolate - £3.50 each
Chocolate truffle bar - 75p

I won a competition Glamour held on Twitter and the prize was a load of Schwarzkopf got2b products. Because they were late sending the prizes out, I was allowed to choose a LIVE hair dye. I chose Cyber Purple because my mum dyes her hair that colour. They're also sending me a Powder'ful, which didn't arrive with the rest of the products because of short supply. If you would like a review of anything, let me know!

Oh and, sorry the photos are shoddy! I don't know what is up with my camera these days!



  1. love the accesorize goodies! Warning with the wand, if you use it on yourself careful as i burnt my eye when i first used mine, dont ask how but its easy to burn yourself as there is no grip xx

  2. The underwear is cute. :)
    & I love the Schwarzkopf got2b Heat Protection Spray xo

  3. I love the hot air balloon necklace! :) x

  4. Ah wow, congratulations- what a great prize! x

  5. Wow, congrats on winning! Those got2b products look amazing, I'm currently trialing their dry shampoo (:

  6. Ooh wow congracts what an amazing prize!!, Love the Accesorize goodies too what bargains :) xx

  7. I own the Remington Pearl Wand also and think it is just amazing, its much easier to use than an average curling tong and it produces much nicer curls xoxo


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