Friday, 21 June 2013

eBay Necklaces


I bought these necklaces months ago, but didn't start wearing them until recently because I don't wear much jewellery! My first, and favourite, can be bought here for £1.39 including P&P. You can also buy it in silver here for the same price. The second necklace can be bought from here for just 99p including P&P. And the third can be bought from here for £2.39 including P&P. Keep in mind that the listing for this one shows a blue stoned necklace, but I received a grey one. I still think the grey is pretty, though. All of these necklaces are from the same seller. They sell a load of necklaces, and I'm just about to buy some more! I always check eBay before I buy jewellery from the highstreet because you can get exactly the same thing, or something similar, for a lot cheaper. I've bought a few necklaces that have been exactly the same as ones seen in Accessorize!

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