Sunday, 30 June 2013

NYX Gems

NYX isn't a brand readily available in the UK, but I've tried a handful of their products over the last few years. I've liked all of them, and a few have become part of my everyday routine. Those few are above!

The first product I use nearly every day is the Rouge Cream Blush in Natural. I also have Glow, but tend to use this shade more. Let me just say, NYX cream blushes are my favourite ever. They're so pigmented and creamy! You just need to touch the product with the very tip of your stipple brush and you have enough product for one cheek. A slightly harder dab will give you enough for both. Most of the other cream blushes I've tried need to be warmed up with your finger to give any pigmentation. In terms of colour, Natural is... natural! It goes with everything. It does look very pink in the photo, but compared to Glow, it's a lot more neutral. You can see swatches of both shades here.

The Soft Matte Lip Cream in Milan isn't a product I use every day because I love my lip crayons, but it's still a product I often use. You apply it like a lipgloss, but it dries matte. I think the finish is really natural, and the effect lasts a couple of hours, almost creating a slight stain. When applying, it feels really soft and smooth, meaning I can blend it out with my finger if needs be. When it comes to products like this, some people dislike them because they can be too drying. However, I've never experienced this with a matte lip cream. Then again, my lips are in good condition! You can see a swatch of Milan here and here, along with a swatch of the Glow cream blush.

You can see how much love the Jumbo Eye Pencil in Iced Mocha has had; it's becoming very small! I've been using this for... over a year and a half, and there was about a 6 month period where I wore this daily. That's how much I love it. I've been branching out with different shades recently, but I always come back to this. It's pigmented, creamy, and perfect for my lower lash line. The colour is dark enough to define, but the metallic sheen allows it to reflect light, brightening your eyes. You can read more about it and see a swatch here.

I used to buy my NYX products from a reliable eBay seller, but since then, they've increased the P&P costs a lot, so I'd suggest going over to the UK NYX website here

Do you own anything from NYX? What's your favourite product from them?

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