Thursday, 27 June 2013

Flower Shaped Shortbread Biscuits

I didn't plan on baking today, but then thought I'd give myself a break from watching Supernatural and Criminal Minds! It's a hard life, eh? I wanted to make some kind of biscuit, and decided on the classic shortbread. Shortbread is so easy to make, and most books/websites have a recipe for it. This time, I followed this recipe. The only thing I didn't do was chill the biscuits in the fridge before baking because there was no room! For the flower shapes, I used the cookie cutters I bought from Wilkinson at Christmas. They were around £1, and have definitely been more than worth it. You can find similar ones on eBay, too. I've just had a quick search and found these for £1.69, and these for £2.09. All I need now is good old cuppa to go with these little treats!

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